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Here at Cell Phone Radiation we work to help you understand what EMF Wireless Radiation is, what harm it can do and how you can gain maximum protection from radiation via magnetic field shielding products and more. 

With a range of Magnetic Field Shielding poducts and radiation shielding materials including Magnetic Field Shielding Paint, Radiation Protection Canopies, EMF protection fabric and even our leading Mobile Phone Shielding Blocsock we can help protect you from harmful Electro Magnetic Field Radiation in both near and far field masts and mobile phone radiation with our fantastic magnetic field shielding products. 

Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile phone radiation is a very real issue and medical science is beginning to connect growing brain cancer trends, with increased mobile phone radiation exposure. Those found by the Danish Cancer Registry, who alarmingly reported recently that brain tumours between 2001 and 2010 had risen by 40% over the previous decade. The potential health threat is greatly under- estimated, as carcinogens generally take 15-30 years to do their damage. This 40% rise reflects cell phone use during the 1980s and early 1990s, which compared to today was minimal to say the least.

We have the expertise, experience and product range to maximise in magnetic field shielding from magnetic shields to canopies and more to help you and your family ensure protection from radiation and really benefit from magnetic field shielding. If you would like to know any more about the effects of mobile phone radiation or about our RF Shielding and Magnetic Field Shielding products such as our EMF protection fabric, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

For more regarding our wonderful magnetic field shielding products, please don't hesitate to visit our online store. 

Online Videos

Here at Cell Phone Radiation we’ve been passionate about protecting from the radiation risk associated with mobile phones for some time. Here are a few videos to show you how to protect yourself...

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  • 4 Poster Canopy protection in action

  • Cell Phone - The Story So Far

  • Electro Cloth EMF Test

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