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The Bocbag Is an innovative way to bring peace to those who constantly suffer from electro sensitivity allowing them to sleep anywhere in the world. 

When your body is exposed to emf, your body will feel it. This can be shown when you struggle to get to sleep at night. When this exposure is reduced or taken away completely, your body feels better so you will sleep better. 

Our electrosensitivity sleeping bag, which offers maximum protection against radiation from cell phones even when you sleep, instantly became well loved and used around the world. 

This fantastic product is pretty much a portable version of an emf shielding bed canopy at a more affordable cost. The sleeping bag containts all the same qualities and features whilst also allowing you to travel anywhere in the world whilst always guaranteeing a quality, undisturbed nights sleep. 

Like a variety of our other radiation protection products, our sleeping bags are made up of a material known as Swiss Shield Wear which even when fully zipped up, allows your body to breathe. Our sleeping bag also features a zip which allows the user to alter the sleeping bag as to how much of their body they want covering up. This may be down to a variety of reasons such as body temperature or comfort levels. 

This product is extremely durable thanks to the materials that make it. It is also easy to care for thanks to how easy it is to simply machine wash. Although it is durable, we believe a maximum of 40 washes are to be carried out before a replacement should be bought. As this is the case, we advise that you only use the sleeping bag when out on your travels. Products like our emf shielding bed canopy can be used as an alternative in the comfort of your very own home. 

Our electrosensitivty sleeping bag comes in one size to suit all (2.5m by 0.9m) and instructions are available in the package. 

If you are a regluar sufferer from the harmful effects of electrosensitivity, call our support team as you may pass for a small discount as well as VAT relief. 

If you have any queries regarding any of our radiation protection products, please don't hesitate to give us a call today where our friendly team will happily clear up anything you may not be clear on.

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