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Our fantastic conductive shielding paint was designed and manufactured by experts in the industry so you know that you are receiving the greatest levels of protection from harmful radiation. To guarantee a fantastic protective product, our protective paint has undergone a number of tests to identify how protective it actually is and how it fairs with other competitors on the market. Performance tests concluded that when only one coat of our Blocpaint was applied to a wall, a variety of radiation such as gsm radiation, DECT corless phones, Wi-Fi and 3G were reduced by 99.9%. The tests also showed that our blocpaint came out on top in comparrison to any competitors in terms of both usability and shielding. 

The application process of our electromagnetic shielding paint is just the same as any normal paint. You can apply the paint to your walls by using a roller or a brush (unlike other types of shielding paint). The process of earthing must also be undergone to achieve maximum results. 

We advise that alongside our blocpaint, you also purchase one of our fantastic microwave radiation detectors. By doing so, you will know how many coats of paint is enough as the acoustimeter tells you the levels of radiation in a room. When our paint is used alongside a number of our other radiation protection products such as our curtains and our bed canopies, maximum protection from mobile phone radiation is achieved. 

If you find yourself thinking how to reduce mobile phone radiation, as well as harmful radiation caused by wi-fi devices, routers, tablets and cordless phones, it is highly recommended that you converse with either ourselves our an expert in the field of emf shielding. This is so we can determine the greatest possible methods of protection for you and your home, including Conductive Shielding Paint, at fantastically competitive prices. 


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