Phone tower danger zones


In 2004 when I first became involved in helping people concerned with the effects of microwave radiation (radio frequency emissions), it was mostly as a result of them feeling unwell within a short period of a mobile phone mast (cell tower) being erected near their home.  These days it’s more common that my clients have recently moved into a property near an already established phone tower.  


You can use the diagram below to work out if you’re in this danger zone or not. 


You will notice whats known in the phone industry as the beam of maximum intensity which usually breaks ground, around 250- 300 meters away from the phone antenna tower, this is one of the most dangerous places to live in the peaceful world.


The strength and therefore the dangers of the phone network signal starts to become weaker after about 300m and the further away from the tower you are, the safer it is.  Be aware also that this diagram only shows network designed signal and not the side lobes (phone masts are known to emit high levels of radiation in a vertical downward path, known as side lobes these waste products put the properties nearest to the phone mast in danger too, possibly explaining the high levels of cancer in people living right next to phone masts).


The best way to understand the potential dangers of the environment in which you live from a point a view of radio frequency emissions from cellular networks is to arrange a professional EMF survey, but it can be expensive to secure the services of a good professional, our survey costs range between £500.00 and £1500, depending on location and size of property.  Beware of cheap surveys as bad advice is usually worse than no advice at all.  A less expensive way to understands Levels of Electro Magnetic fields in your home is to hire a microwave radiation detector from a company such as ours which has Environmental emf experts who will guide you in how to use these simple to use phone mast detectors and in how to understand the results.


Having measured your homes levels of exposure to EMF’s from cell towers or had a professional EMF survey, and found you have “phone mast issues” it’s time to look into your options which typically are moving house (although it is increasingly difficult to find homes with low levels of EMF exposure, a good place to find out where the UK phone masts is here.


Another option is shield your home from mobile phone mast radiation using EMF shielding paint on your walls and ceilings and window films or RF shielding curtains at your widows and patio doors.  However again you must seek professional advice before attempting this.


The third option I recommend is that you start to use one of our sleep solutions For those who are unsure about life in an microwave radiation shielding bed canopy, you can rent a canopy from £100.00 or a full sleep solution from £140.00 to experience relief at night and restore at least some of the quality sleep that is stolen by the offending mobile phone masts.  This way you will begin to understand the damage that loss of sleep through exposure to high frequency radiation causes to your health as sleep patterns normalise and most importantly you can think clearly about the situation you’re facing, before taking more significant and permanent action if it's required.

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