Are Mobiles dangerous?


What is the truth behind the headlines?


Speculation regarding the health effects of mobile phones in the media grows, but what is the truth behind the headlines? You have probably formed your own opinion on the cell phone tumor debate, but have you stopped to think what evidence you used and who was behind the evidence you used to form said opinion?  Do that and then add in your own personal motivation. You might see the basis for your position on how dangerous making that call might be, is flawed.  Likely the scenario looks something like this…..

Influencer one the media:  

Their interests are to (a) sell advertising space and (b) sell newspapers and or attract viewers and listeners, sadly these days truth is not that high on most media organizations priority lists.  This means in the case of the phone health debate the dangers are firstly dramatized to attract readers, listeners or viewers and then diminished in order to placate phone industry advertising clients.


Influencer two phone industry spin:

Ever since the phone health debate began the networks and phone manufacturers have thrown significant proportions of their considerable financial muscle not behind finding and publishing the truth but into discrediting any research that has found health problems with mobile technology.

Consider this comment from a major broadband supplier during a debate between wireless industry representatives and concerned scientists.  When the broadband operator was asked if his firm would consider encouraging their clients to turn off their routers at least at night to aid sleep, he answered “We cannot afford to do anything that might alert our clients to any potential wireless health effects, as the financial implications of this could be catastrophic”.


Influencer three your own desire to embrace this amazing technology

Many of us have used the above two influencers to feed our desired belief that we can embrace everything wireless without any concerns and happily “de-wire our lives” 

So how about we take these three influencers and reevaluate our mobile health position by looking at the many truthful facts out there without somebody else’s vail of greed or our own taint of hedonism



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