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How does the Blocsock work?
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More and more people are choosing Blocsock for mobile phone radiation protection against radiation from cell phones as their way out of what many are calling the greatest health gamble mankind has ever taken as more evidence seems to appear daily regarding the emotive debate as to whether radiation from cell phones is responsible for increasing brain cancer trends. As this evidence is piling up, we are sure to offer a range of fantastic mobile phone radiation protection products to keep you safe against radiation from cell phones.

What is EMF Radiation?

Radiation from cell phones and all wireless devices, emit microwave radiation from their antenna and EMF radiation from the body of the phone. The Blocsock is the only product on the market that provides full mobile phone radiation protection against radiation from cell phones including both types of radiation, reducing the electro pollution and helping relieve electro sensitivity.

Protecting Children from Radiation from Cell Phones

Concerned about your children's health being exposed to wireless EMF radiation? Here you will learn how to maximise mobile phone radiation protection and minimize their risk of radiation from cell phones exposure and find out more about our Blocksock (link) cell phone emf protection case and how it is able to offer mobile phone radiation protection against microwave radiation from cell phones (EMF).

Everything you need to know about a mobile radiation shield

As concern grows regarding radiation from cell phones, cell phone EMF radiation and electro pollution, mobile phone radiation protection shields or products claiming to protect from electro smog are appearing with alarming regularity. However, a lot of the mobile phone radiation protection products purporting to act as cell phone radiation protection can’t or simply don’t work, and consequently do not cure electro sensitivity and other side effects of the exposure to radiation from cell phones including emf and cell phone tower radiation.

Lowest radiation cell phones

Even the phones with low SAR values that are on the market today are still 100′s of times too high, according to the vast majority of medical research. Currently, cell phone safety is gauged by the SAR value of your cell phone. SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indication of the amount of radiation that is absorbed by your head whilst using a cellular phone: the higher the SAR rating, the more radiation is absorbed into the head. For some, this can be a scary realisation. To combat this, check out our mobile phone radiation protection products. 

Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

The cell phone radiation exposure debate rages on, having on one side those convinced about a tidal wave of cell phone health issues about to break out. Whilst at the total other end of the spectrum you have a selection of people, corporate businesses, authorities and governments who, for various reasons, consider that radiation from cell phones is less importance than the benefits or wireless communications.

Our mobile phone radiation protection products ensure protection against radiation EMF effects, so have a look at our wide range of top quality mobile phone radiation protection products today to really stay safe against radiation from cell phones. 

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