Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

Get peace of mind – find out about cell phone EMF radiation exposure and how best to minimise the risk of electro sensitivity.

The cell phone radiation exposure debate rages on, having on one side those convinced about a tidal wave of cell phone health issues about to break out. Whilst at the total other end of the spectrum you have a selection of people, corporate businesses, authorities and governments who, for various reasons, consider that the cell phone safety issue whilst valid of less importance than the benefits or wireless communications.

For sure human exposure to EMF and cell phone tower radiation and many other forms of wireless communication emissions is exponentially on the increase and all with seemingly no indisputable evidence either way as to health effects from wirelesses.

Lloyd Morgan, when talking about the Interphone study into mobile phone exposure and brain cancer said:
“Studies, independent of cell phone industry funding, with 10 or more years of exposure time have consistently found higher risks of brain tumours than the Interphone studies have. Why higher risks? It is because the Interphone study protocol has at least 6 flaws, each of which results in an underestimation of brain tumour risk. Yet, in spite of the 6 design flaws that underestimate the risk of brain tumours, the Interphone studies still find a risk of brain tumours. Perhaps if these flaws did not exist they would find the same elevated risks as the industry independent studies have found?

Therefore, we can observe two extremes: the interphone study proclaiming only a 40% increase in the risk of cell phone cancer and at the other end the Washington epidemiologist, George Carlos, who in 1997, after five years of study worth $28 million dollars of US government money, predicted that by 2014 one in four US Citizens would have a cell phone brain tumour.  So we know George Carlos was wrong and by a long way, but were Interphones results right, well even if they are shouldn’t we do something.

What astounds me is, though, that despite all this conjecture and debate, most people are ignoring cell phone safety issue, at the same time exposing themselves to electro pollution, and even more surprisingly, discount the subject of children and cell phones.

In fact, even according to Interphone they are ignoring not only a temporary headache or electro sensitivity symptoms (LINK to electro sensitivity), but they also overlook the possibility of a dramatic increase in the risk of a specific type of brain cancer if they use a phone (including a cordless landline) for 30 minutes a day or more.

You don’t need to and you can’t afford to carry on putting your head in the sand: click here to find out how to avoid cell phone radiation exposure and see how you can opt out of the world’s biggest health gamble.

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