Lowest radiation cell phones

Even the lowest radiation cell phones on the market today are still 100′s of times too high. By combining  lowest radiation cell phones with Blocsock, you provide yourself with proper protection from the wireless electro pollution and prevent from electro sensitivity.

Even the phones with low SAR values that are on the market today are still 100′s of times too high, according to the vast majority of medical research. Currently, cell phone safety is gauged by the SAR value of your cell phone. SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indication of the amount of radiation that is absorbed by your head whilst using a cellular phone: the higher the SAR rating, the more radiation is absorbed into the head. This calculation uses thermal guidelines, i.e. how much your brain tissue is likely to be heated up by the microwave radiation emitted by your cell phone.

However, the hot ear and headaches caused by cell phones are not the only side effects we should be concerened with. Many scientists now believe that the EMF and microwave radiation from cell phones and cell phone towers might have the long term biological effects,. In fact, the studies of long-term cell phone use, published over the last four years, have found an increased risk of developing two types of brain tumours on the ipsilateral side (the side of the brain on which the cell phone is primarily held) among people, who used a cell phone for longer than 10 years.

However, even the lowest radiation phones might not be safe, therefore take my advice and buy the Blocsock, a case genuinely reducing SAR values up to 98%. Blocsock your phone into the lowest radiation cell phones and give yourself the best possible chance of surviving the wireless age.

Remember to check out our page on safe cell phone use here. Suffering from electro sensitivity? Click Here. If you require more information regarding our products that offer protection from radiation, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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