What is EMF Radiation?

All wireless devices, such as cell phones, emit microwave radiation from their antenna and EMF radiation from the body of the phone. The Blocsock is the only product on the market that provides complete cell phone EMF protection from both types of radiation, reducing the electro pollution and helping relieve electro sensitivity.

Blocsock’s unique radiation and cell phone EMF protection system consists of high frequency and near electric field shielding fabric, which completely covers both the cell phone’s body and antenna, reducing the EMF radiation emitted.

While protecting you from the microwave and EMF radiation, Blocsock looks and feels like a normal cell phone case. Carry your mobile in Blocsock as usual to protect the handset itself and when you make or answer the call, simply place the handset back in the sock afterwards and safely hold it to your head with all the radiation shielded by 96% (while the call proceeds as normal).

My clients can use the Blocksock and fully enjoy the peace of mind - intensive SAR testing by RFI Global services (one of the wireless industry’s biggest safety testing house) measured a Blackberry’s Specific absorption rate (the way in which governments rate cell phones safety) at a whopping 0.805 without protection, but found it to be down to 0.032 when using the Blocsock.

In my opinion, if you hold your mobile close to your head, the EMF radiation shield is essential. The magnets or stickers you can purchase for mobiles that claim to dissipate the heating effect or to turn the microwave radiation from your phone into some kind of benign force should be viewed with extreme scepticism.

Until the scientists fully explore the negative effects of cell phone’s radiation, take my advice to use your mobile phone reasonably and with great care: text instead of making a call, use the loud speaker and keep the phone away from your body. And in the case of that really urgent private calls – protect yourself from Electrosmog and keep your device in the Blocksock!

If you are still unsure about the Blocksock as a radiation shield for safe wireless devices use and the solution to your electrosensitivity problems, then be assured that all Blocsocks come along with a money back guarantee. Try it and love it, like most of my clients! If not, send it back (undamaged, but don’t worry about the packaging!) for a complete refund.

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