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Our high frequency microwave radiation screening paint Blocpaint is gaining new clients daily.


These days wireless sigals are everywhere, whilst this has many benefits to most of us, there are many potential issues to consider.  You might for example for obvious reasons want reassurance that your personal details stored on your various and in most cases, many computers, tablets and phones are not accessible to ever increasingly clever hackers. 


There is growing evidence (much documented on this site) that the high frequency microwave radiation emitted by broadband routers may be biologically active and that there may be long or even short term health implications, therefore you might like to isolate your own building from other wireless networks, retaining control over your own wireless environment at the push of a switch.


Many gamers are now looking to secure their gaming environment by blocking other Wi-Fi signals from entering the room they game in, thus ensuring optimum performance when playing.




Nowadays many large corporates are using Blocpaint high frequency Wi-Fi radiation screening paint not only to keep their valuable information secure but for many other purposes such as Wi-Fi separation in retail environments, eliminating Wi-Fi cross pollination from store to stockroom or vice versa thus avoiding potentially disastrous double accounting or ordering.


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