Stay Safe From Harmful Radiation With Our EMF Protection Fabric

We at Wireless Protection specialise in all things radiation. From the risks and effects that wireless radiation can have on you, to how you can prevent these risks from occurring, we know everything to keep you safe. Our many years of working with phone radiation have allowed us to actually develop our very own range of fantastic protective products that will reduce the chances of you being harmed from any kinds of phone radiation including 3G and Wi-Fi. Our products are designed for all kinds of uses around the house from curtains for your windows and even paint for your walls. Most of our products including our curtains and sleeping bags are made up from specialist EMF protection fabric, which was designed by experts to reduce risks posed by wireless radiation. As well as being the leading material for a number of products, you can also buy our wonderful EMF protection fabric as a standalone material. By stocking and supplying top of the range electromagnetic field shielding fabrics, we can ensure protection in a variety of formats inlcuding curtains, clothing and more. 

Some people may be wondering ‘how can a fabric shield harmful radiation’. The answer is simple. Shielding takes place because of silver coated copper thread that can be found in the fabric, which is made from 100% cotton. To understand just how good this material is at shielding, we took an example of 30 dB at 900 MHz which equates to 99.9% of radiation. We also supply you with an official shielding certificate for authenticity purposes. As you can imagine, with the fabric having the ability to deter all kinds of harmful radiation, it is extremely durable and resistant. The EMF protection fabric is available in one colour only, which is white. If for whatever reason the material gets dirty, caring for this product is extremely easy. By being machine washable, you can simply place this product in a gentle cold cycle with mild detergent. Once washed and dried, it is important that you cool iron as opposed to a hot iron. Please note that under no circumstances must this product be bleached nor shall you ground this material as the outer fabric isn’t conductive. 

As well as using this product for backing curtains or for sleeping bags, the fantastic EMF protection fabric may also be used for clothing purposes to protect all aspects of your body when you’re out and about. As well as this, we also have a number of clothing items here at Wireless Protection that are made with the best RF shielding cloth on the market.

Allow Your Clothes To Minimise Phone Radiation

In addition to our EMF protection fabric, we also supply clothing to prevent the harmful risks of phone radiation whilst also looking cool. Our electrosensitive unisex hoody for example will keep all kinds of harmful radiation at bay whilst keeping you up-to-date with the modern styles and trends.  Just like the EMF protection fabric, our hoodies have been proven to shield you from ever-so harmful electromagnetic fields. Tests of our hoodies that were carried out showed that shielding was provided of up to a staggering 99%, so you can guarantee that, whenever you’re wearing our hoody, you are keeping safe as well as looking great. All of our clothing products are made up of electromagnetic field shielding fabrics to ensure maximum protection.

If you are interested in any of our phone radiation protection products such as our RF shielding cloth or if you would like more information on how to minimise phone radiation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our highly friendly and knowledgeable team. 

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