Minimise Mobile Radiation With Our Brand New Radiation Free Air Tube Headset!

With the amount of mobile radiation that is given off by modern day mobile phones, it’s understandable that you would do anything to minimise the harmful mobile phone radiation effects. For some people, actually reducing mobile radiation can be considered tricky as they are very reliant on their phones for different reasons IE making important phone calls, keeping in touch with friends etc. What if we told you that we at Wireless Protection are launching a massively exciting product very soon that will allow you to maintain the same amount of phone use whilst significantly reducing harmful mobile radiation from reaching you?

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the wonderful Radiation FREE Air Tube Headset. This incredible item is a very exciting addition to our already impressive range of radiation protection products including our emf shielding bed canopy, emf fabric and much more. The headset is designed to include many impressive features that will help reduce all kinds of mobile radiation from reaching and ultimately causing mobile phone radiation effects to happen to yourself. Take the total lack of metal wire present in the headset for example. With normal headsets, metal wiring can be found in the airtubes as well as the metal conductor. It’s the metal found in headsets that help transport harmful mobile radiation to you, so with the Air Tube headset, the harmful mobile radiation present in your skull area is reduced by an impressive 98%. As well as offering maximum protection from mobile radiation, comfort and sound quality are key features of this headset thanks to the design of the ear pieces that can perfectly fit in either ear whilst still offering a fantastic standard of sound. If you aren’t convinced by the impressive mobile radiation blocking capabilities of the Air Tube headset, take it from leading EMF testing labs from Japan, the USA and Europe. These tests show that mobile radiation and ultimately mobile phone radiation effects are reduced by a staggering 98%. 

Standard Headphones Will Increase The Chances Of Mobile Phone Radiation Effects Arising 

As well as these impressive features, the Air Tube Headset is also very versatile in the way that most leading mobile phones are compatible with the headset. Mobile phones from Apple, Samsung, HTC and more can benefit from the Air Tube Headset, so benefit from a reduction of mobile radiation today.

You may not be aware that standard headphones can and will increase the chances of harmful mobile phone radiation effects, this is due to a number of reasons. As stated above, most headphones are manufactured with metal wires that run from your phone all the way to your ears. It is this way that the radiation travels to your head. Imagine how long people use earphones for. Say you had your earphones in for an hour. In this hour, the amount of harmful mobile radiation (EMF) that has reached your head is unimaginable. EMF exposure in the smallest form is still very dangerous, so over exposure to EMF and other harmful mobile radiation will maximise your chances of falling victim to various mobile phone radiation effects including insomnia, electrosensitivity and more.

To keep you and your family safe from mobile radiation and eliminate the chances of various mobile phone radiation effects from arising, check out our impressive range of radiation protection products today including our Air Tube Headset and much more. 

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