What is cell tower radiation? What health risks do masts pose?

Cellular tower radiation is becoming one of the world’s most underestimated environmental pollutions. Many people believe That EMF and microwave radiation from mobile phone masts leads to electro and electro hyper sensitivity and increased risk of cancer.

Indeed, according to my observations the number of people suffering from electro sensitivity or electro hyper sensitivity is growing exponentially. If you also belong to this group, you should check the level of electro smog in your environment – click here for more detail on cell tower radiation detectors!

Although the microwave radiation emitted from a mobile phone base station may not heat you up the way a microwave oven does, it poses risk of cancer. Somewhat ironically, the radiation upsets your body’s cellular system in a way that your cells see this weak microwave as a form of attack. In close proximity to the tower (say 200 meters away), your cells can go into “lock down mode”, thus not ingesting nourishment or releasing waste, which eventually leads to serious illnesses. This might be a simple explanation for the explosion in migraines and Alzheimer’s in recent times.

Moreover, cell tower radiation is seen by the brain as a bright light and interrupts the sleep, during which melatonin, a cancer suppressant, is being induced. This may explain the impressive amount of documented cancer clusters that are found around older cell tower installations. Therefore what should you do in order to protect yourself from cellular tower and EMF radiation? Firstly, get a good quality cell tower detector to find out, if you have an issue with this controversial electro pollution. If the electro smog is intense, there are many simple ways, in which I can help you to minimise your exposure to cell tower radiation with my unique EMF shielding products.

Learn how to use conductive shielding paint and microwave shielding for windows here. Many people with nearby mobile phone base stations are trying to sell their houses, which is becoming increasingly difficult due to the growing awareness of electro pollution. So why not use my shielding products and achieve the reduction of radiation but without moving?

Finally, I just want to say that I realise almost everywhere is covered in radio signals and has been for decades, but in the last 5-10 years have we not gone a little crazy by putting up with cell phone tower radiation everywhere? Those old television and radio towers were built away from the population not without reason.

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