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If you live a fair distance away from a phone mast and are worried about the effects of radiation and health, you can maintain lightness, breathability and style with these versatile microwave shielding fabrics. 

Perfect for popping up as net curtains, this rf shielding fabric is robust and easy-to-wash.

In line with the range of Swiss Shield products, this swiss shield fabric does not requiring grounding and doesn't lose metallic elements to the environment.

If you would like to know more about this product or our range of microwave radiation shielding products, please drop us an email for advice from one of our highly trained wireless protection shielding consultants who will be pleased to listen and arrive a solution completely tailored to you.

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A brief outline of the swiss shield fabric benefits are below, but if you are more technically-minded please feel free to ask us for a more indepth description.

Reflects microwave radiation from cell phone towers, DECT cordless, Wi-Fi, TETRA, digital TV, radio, etc.
· Material: 100 % polyester (+ silver and copper for shielding)
· Silver coated copper thread for shielding
· Fabric is 2.60 meters wide
· Absolutely corrosion resistant, excellent durability
· Good shielding power (20 dB at 1 GHz, i. e. 99.0%)
· White colour
· Fulfils stringent environmental standard ÖEKO-TEX 100
· Shielding certificate available
· Washable in gentle cycle, cold, with mild detergent, cool iron, do not bleach
· NO GROUNDING, as exterior of fabric is not conductive
We always recommend the use of a microwave radiation detector before commencing any shielding


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