Swiss Shield Naturel Curtains Made to Measure

Swiss Shield Naturel Curtains Made to Measure

Swiss Shield Naturel Curtains Made to Measure


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Imagine if you could have curtains in your home that would do what they're originally designed for as well as keeping harmful radiation from Wi-Fi, Tetra, Dect Phones, Wi-Max and cell phone towers away from you and your family. This is now a reality thanks to our very own Swill Shield® Naturel Curtains that are made to measure and comprised of highly effective RF Shielding fabric. These fantastic curtains will cover the whole of your windows leaving no tiny gap uncovered. This will prevent harmful radiaiton of any kind travelling from the outside of your home through your windows to yourself. Our RF shielding Swiss Shield® curtains alongside an emf shielding bed canopy would provide maximum protection against radiation from cell towers or any other source thanks to the ever so protective RF shielding cloth, so why not visit our fantastic online store today and see how you can protect you and your home from harmful wireless radiation with our fantastic swiss shield fabric and more. 

Our Swiss Shield® curtains can be designed for any size windows, so if you're wanting a quote, simply let us know your specifications and we will happily price up some Swiss Shield® curtains for you today. 

All of our products including our RF shielding cloth and the fantastic swiss shield fabric ensure maximum mobile phone radiation protection, so why not get started today. 

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