EMF Protective Clothing

If you suffer from Electro sensitivity or Electro Hyper Sensitivity it is imperative you minimise your bodies exposure to the microwave radiation emitted from wireless technology such as mobile phone masts (cell towers), Wi-Fi, digital cordless phones, and Smart Meters etc. Most people shield themselves at home, particularly in the sleeping environment and there is plenty of products to help you with that here on this site.  But what about when you leave the safety of your home environment?  Instantly your skin which actually is your biggest organ is bombarded with RF frequencies from Cellular networks, people on their mobiles on the Bus or Train, the Bluetooth in your car, the Wi-Fi at work or School and on and on. 

There is an answer here in our range of EMF clothing especially suited to those enduring the challenge of Electro sensitivity or Electro Hyper Sensitivity

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