Smart Meter Radiation

Find out what smart meter radiation is, how the effects it can have and how our products such as our electromagnetic shielding paint can help you cope with smart meter radiation.

What is Smart Meter Radiation?

The smart meter radiation issue seems to be growing rather than going away though you shouldn't worry as we have electromagnetic shielding paint plus many more products to help you. It is another source of EMF and microwave radiation, which may cause electro sensitivity. Firstly you should check the surroundings of your Smart Meter with microwave radiation detector and then decide which kind of microwave shielding is best for you whether it be electromagnetic shielding paint or something else. 

What is a microwave radiation detector? Do i need one?

Many people around the country need a microwave radiation detector or our electromagnetic shielding paint for a number of different reasons. Maybe they live right next to a phone mast tower or perhaps an incredibly harmful and dangerous phone mast tower is being built right near their home or maybe a homeowner is simply seeking peace of mind. Harmful microwaves are all around us as a result of wireless cell phones and other wireless devicing seeking these microwaves. There is no need to worry however as our electromagnetic shielding paint is here to help. 

Combining electromagnetic shielding paint and microwave radiation detector to make a safer environment for your family

One of our best selling products is our electromagnetic shielding paint.  It took five years to develop the electromagnetic shielding paint the world now knows as Blocpaint. Why did I persevere in this mission? Well because I believe cell phone tower radiation is dangerous and it comes through walls, floors and ceilings and our electromagnetic shielding paint can really help. You’re probably reading this because you didn’t feel too well and went on a journey that led to you getting hold of a microwave radiation detector or electromagnetic shielding paint and now you’ve come to the conclusion like me you don’t want to suffer from cell phone tower radiation and all of our radiation protection products such as our electromagnetic shielding paint can really help. 

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