What is a microwave radiation detector? Do I need one?

You need a microwave radiation detector if they put a cell phone tower outside your house, or to find out if they hid one in a sign or you just simply realised that every modern home needs a microwave radiation detector, here you can find out how simple they can be with the right advice and which best one fits your need and pocket.

Every modern home is assaulted by microwaves needed to run cell phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi plus all the other ever growing wireless technologies, and just because we all fell in love with cell phones and cell phone operators started to earn huge revenue before anybody thought to consider human health and safety that doesn’t make this wise or safe. Your choice then is simple do you chose the easy if short sighted option and believe the authorities who seemingly have been influenced by cell phone operator’s politically skilled lobbyists. Well I can see the temptation for this for a start you won’t need to spend any money or change the way you use your wireless stuff. Thing is independent research is beginning to reveal that long term exposure to the microwave radiation emitted by almost all wireless applications may be very detrimental to health especially that of children and young adults.Sorry about that but I needed to get your attention.

So now let’s talk microwave radiation detectors and what they do and cost. They start from around £60 for a basic cell tower detector such as the cornet but a more sensible starting point would be the ubiquitous ESI 24 which will detect cell phone tower radiation, Wi-Fi, WiMax, cordless phones and also allow you to check your home and office for EMF’s from such things as computers and power lines, and importantly with a brief read of the instructions, a glance at the LED display will let you know how safe your home school or office is. Get more detail on this great microwave radiation detector and buy on line

If you’re e planning to carry out cell phone tower shielding work to protect from microwave radiation from your home then you will need the Acoustimeter which gives you two visual LED displays. The left one shows the peak (highest) readings and the right hand one gives average readings. You will also be able to hear any pulsing of the signal. I believe that the peak levels (the pulses) are most likely to be the cause of ill-health symptoms.

The Acoustimeter manual that accompanies each sale or hire gives the readings that have been found to produce health problems. You can easily compare the ones you get in your home with these, to see if the nearby mast (or other RF source) could be responsible for your symptoms.

The LED displays are quick and easier to judge than lots of detailed numbers and more than adequate for most purposes. However, the Acoustimeter also has a full digital display that gives you more detailed numerical measurements which help determine the success of your shielding.

Mobile phone masts emit microwave radiofrequency (RF) radiation all the time. The Acoustimeter will pick up and measure all the mobile phone bands as well as TETRA (police, fire and ambulance radio), DECT cordless phones, Wi-Fi, WiMax and all the other common microwave signals that now surround us. Find out more about this great cell phone tower radiation shielding tool here.

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