Combining conductive shielding paint and microwave radiation detector to make a safer environment for your family

It took five years to develop the conductive shielding paint the world now knows as Blocpaint. Why did I persevere in this mission? Well because I believe cell phone tower radiation is dangerous and it comes through walls, floors and ceilings.

You’re probably reading this because you didn’t feel too well and went on a journey that led to you getting hold of a microwave radiation detector and now you’ve come to the conclusion like me you don’t want cell phone tower radiation in your family environment. Let me try and simplify your best course of action.

First of all make sure you have a reliable high frequency radiation detector such as the Acoustimeter or the ESI-24 and then you can find out where your radiation is coming from. About 98% of the time the cell phone tower radiation will be mixed with your neighbours Wi-Fi and cordless phones and will be coming through a combination of walls, ceilings, windows and even floors so we need two products one for windows shielding curtains and film and one for the rest of the surfaces conductive shielding paint You probably won’t know exactly where the radiation is coming from until you start your shielding project but either of the detectors I recommended earlier will show you the areas or surfaces that are causing most danger and give you a good idea where to start, so measure the danger wall, floor or ceiling and get ready to paint! Each litre of shielding paint will cover about 7.5 sqm so do the maths and buy your paint then order your window shielding material It may take a few days for all your microwave shielding materials to arrive, so use this time to practice and to understand the cell phone tower radiation detector.

When your products have arrived go to work follow all the instructions they come with, they are simple. Start with your windows then measure the radiation, then paint the wall you have decided is the most dangerous, and measure again and so on, until your monitor tells you you’ve achieved the results you desire.

We offer a varied amount of radiation shielding materials, all of which will work in the best way to prevent wireless radiation risks. 

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