What is Smart Meter Radiation?

The smart meter radiation issue seems to be growing rather than going away. It is another source of EMF and microwave radiation, which may cause electro sensitivity. Firstly you should check the surroundings of your Smart Meter with microwave radiation detector and then decide which kind of microwave shielding is best for you.

Basically, your new electricity meter emits fairly regular high bursts of cell phone radiation to tell the power, gas or water company how much you’re using in order to optimize the way in which they provide you with in terms of cost and production.

Unfortunately, the companies installing these new wireless devices, like the other microwave EMF pollution emitters such as cell phone towers and Wi-Fi routers, that emit this dangerous microwave electro pollution are in complete denial that there is a problem.

The problem can range from something as simple as your own electricity monitor installed either inside or on the exterior of your property where the smart meter radiation level is likely to be low. This can be remedied with an easy application of Blocpaint smart meter radiation paint to the wall or meter cupboard which will afford you the protection from this new type of cell phone radiation that you need.

However, if for example you are like a couple from Florida I helped recently, who had 24 square meters of wireless electricity hazards on the floor of their apartment and 320 Smart Meters in the building, then you need to investigate your house for all forms of microwave radiation. Start with buying microwave radiation detector or renting cell phone radiation detector. This will allow you to choose adequate type of cell phone radiation shielding for your environment.

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