Why do I feel ill around cell phones



The effects or none effects EMF's from cell phone radiation, and wireless devices of all kinds is turning into a highly charged debate for many people these days, with those for and against each side of the debate equally convinced of the correctness of their standpoint.  So how can I know the truth and therefor look after my family I hear you say.  Well firstly you need to understand the pathways of the information people receive on this emotive subject and how and why they process to their decision.  Go here for help with this. 


The body’s one hundred trillion cells operate and function via electromagnetic frequency. When an abnormal, frequency is present in the environment that we inhabit a cell may react to this foreign EMF, (radio frequency) mutate and develop into cancer, or becomes a cyst, or manifest as a neurological disease or mental illness. More and more people are though feeling fatigued and for many this is developing into CFS or ME, one explanation for this is that the Cells of your body are reacting to foreign radio frequency as a form of attack, going into lock down mode, so not fully ingesting nutrients or expelling waste leading to ever decreasing energy levels and diminished immune systems, in other words Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity. 


Your body may tolerate some electromagnetic interference, but when it is constant, the cells begin to die or mutate and lead to the illnesses mentioned above and others, but why does everybody not appear suffer when exposed to excessive EMF, well the answer is that most will at some point in their future and in decades to come as the medical profession sees through the spinning fog of big pharma and big mobile, the health carnage of EMF exposure will be revealed.  One likely sound theory though as to why for example some feel pain or experience insomnia, immediately around EMF exposure may relate to individual levels of exposure to heavy metals or chemicals. 

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